POWER FLUSH! / MagnaCleanse Flushing Procsess!

  • Is your central heating system not performing like it should?

  • Cold spots on your radiators? Then you may need a power flush.

  • We use the latest Technology that is more effective than just a standard power flush, please read the PDF file and watch the short video,we recommend having a MagnaClean professional 2 filter fitted to all new and existing systems, to help maintain efficiency once you have had it cleaned.

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Having your central heating system flushed, will make it more energy efficient, keep your boiler running for many years to come, and reduce the likely-hood of replacing expensive parts, such as an expansion vessel and central heating pump, which are the first major parts to be affected by the sludge build up.  


Whilst it is extremely rare for a heating system to experience leaks after the MagnaCleanse flushing process, the need to use dispersing chemicals, may mean the flushing process could discover and disturb already weakened corroded joints or fragile (T)hermostatic (R)adiator (V)alves with immediate effect as oppose to a natural discovery which could take up to 3 months to show. It is not practical, logical nor does the technological capability exist to inspect a central heating system internally for vulnerable joints before flushing the system.

Systems which have been neglected over a period of time, or have not been treated with an effective corrosion inhibitor, may have severely compacted corrosion debris, in the pipe work, radiators, or boiler, and it is possible that even after a MagnaCleanse flush, some radiators may still not be fully effective, or boilers on the margin of failure may cease working due to sludge and debris later breaking loose and collecting in the heat exchanger.
The price that we have stated allows for a MagnaCleanse flush only and if any of the above symptoms or similar problems arise during or after the MagnaCleanse flush we will not be held responsible in any way. Any further work required would be carried out at an additional cost.


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