We Service, Repair & Install all domestic gas appliances, Boilers, water heaters, fires, cookers!

Always Check Your Gas Engineers ID Card, On the back it will show you what appliances he or she is allowed to work on and when those appliances will expire with Gas Safe.

Gas Engineer ID Card

Our Gas Engineers Are Allowed To Work On The Following

Domestic Gas & Hot Water Appliances:

Part L - Energy Efficiency

CCN1 - Domestic Natural Gas Safety & Pipework

CPA1 - Combustion Performance Analysis 

CENWAT - Central Heating Boilers & Water Heating Appliances 

CKR1 - Gas Cookers and Ranges 

HTR1 - Gas Fires and Heaters

UHW10 - Domestic Hot Water Storage Systems (Vented & Unvented) 

Always check the card

If you are in any doubt about your engineer, you can check them online at www.gassaferegister.co.uk

If they are not legal you can report them online.

 Here at MWF Heating Ltd

 your safety is our PRIORITY!

Bear in mind that an unqualified engineer is not doing you a favour, they are in fact putting your life at risk!

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