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You're Safety Is Our Priority!

You may think that your boiler is running OK  but how can you be sure, only a combustion analysis report will show you how it is performing, don't take risks with your life, get your appliances checked yearly! 

Don't leave your boiler service until the weather turns cold, as this is when they are prone to let you down, do it now & beat the rush in Winter.

always check the card

Don't just check the front of the card, on the back it will tell you what the engineer is allowed to work on.

only use Gas Safe Engineers
Gas Safe ID Card

 Your Safety is our Priority! 

 What is involved in a boiler service....

I hear you ask! 

Our Boiler Service includes the following checks as standard:

1.  We will check from the gas meter to the appliance for gas tightness.

2. We will check for satisfactory ventilation for your particular appliance.

3. We will check the gas working pressure if a test point is available.

4. We will check the burner pressure / gas rate against manufacturer's instructions.

5. We will carry out a flue flow / spillage test to ensure safe removal of products of combustion.

6. We will check satisfactory operation of all safety devices.

7. We will inspect the internal operation of the boiler for any signs of incomplete combustion or damage.

8. We will Provide you with a flue/gas analyser report.

9. We will Inspect the flue to ensure it is safe, secure and to current standards.

10. We will inspect all boiler casing & seals are intact & not showing signs of damage or leaking

11. We will clean out any debris in your boiler and on the Heat Exchanger.

12. We will report any unsafe operation to a responsible person in an official CP12 Document.

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Don't Panic
Keep Calm

 What Should I do If I Can Smell Gas! 

1. If you smell gas, don't take chances.

2. TURN OFF / isolate the suspected source, or turn off at the gas meter ECV (emergency control valve).

3. DO NOT operate anything electrical i.e. plugs, light switches, mobile telephones, computers normal phones etc.


5. OPEN doors and windows to ventilate the property.

6. If necessary evacuate the building.

7. Phone emergency number on the gas meter                       0800 111 999 when it is safe to do so.

8. Phone us to check your appliances inside the building.

9. Don't panic, stay calm, and be safe.


11. Above All Keep Calm & Relax.

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